Why Vegan?

It’s funny when I realize that people don’t really ask me this question as often as you think. Often when they find out I’m vegan, they roll their eyes and say “Ohhhhkayyy, lets see how long this lasts”. Or they ask me questions but they ask me questions like “So how much weight have you lost going vegan?” or “How long do you think you’re going to stay vegan?”. What people don’t ask me is “Why do you think it is wrong to eat animals and animal products?”

This short answer when someone (in those rare moments) asks me why is the simple fact that I don’t believe anything in this world should be harmed for my enjoyment. And what  a lot of people don’t realize is that it goes deeper than just what I put into my body, it means all the products I buy and use, all the companies I support with my money. It goes as deep to the conditions the workers are under when they make that t-shirt that on my back or the coffee that I drink in the morning. It’s about looking at the true price of something,  not just the monetary price but the ethical, social, and environmental cost.

The true cost is something that most people don’t understand. Sometimes when I start to explain to people why, they say “Oh I don’t want to know that” because out of sight out of mind right? Ignorance truly  is bliss and curiosity killed the cat but that’s not human nature. It’s human nature to seek out the truth and once the truth is know. It’s pretty hard to get out of your head.

I could probably write an entire book about why on an ethical, environment, and health stand point everyone should be vegan, which maybe one day I will, but right now I will ask you do go seek out the truth on your own. Below are many books and documentaries that I have watched to learn about the cruelty, the politics, and the corruption behind a lot of the big businesses in the world. I invite you to form your own opinions. I am strongly rooted in my stance, however everyone has their own opinions and therefore I encourage you to seek out information and form your own.


“What the Health”