“Wow You’ve Changed”

Often I’ve heard the phrase “wow you’ve changed” and it’s always said in a negative tone of voice. Like yes, I have changed and THANK GOD that I have. It’s a beautiful thing to learn and grow from your experiences, if you’re not changing then you’re just stuck, you’re static.

When I tell old friends that I am vegan they go “wow you’ve changed” and well, I have. I used to love meat, I loved adding cheese to everything and it’s not that I just stopped liking the taste of it all, I just learned and grew. I learned the cruelty behind that industry and decided to make a change and some people think it’s crazy but how else is anything going to change unless we ourselves change.

Sometimes it might seem like you’ve changed to others but really you’re finally just embracing who you really are. Maybe we never really change who we are, it’s just the view of who we are changes. With that mindset, we are always just changing into who we are supposed to, we aren’t changing who we are going to be, we just moved on from who we were.

I love when people make changes in their lives. The only way to truly live is to boldly make decisions in what you do. Maybe they are mistakes, actually, you should hope they are mistakes. When you succeed, what do you gain other than a larger ego? You can’t even say you become more confident because it’s a fleeting confidence. True confidence comes from walking into a room and not knowing that you are smarter or prettier than everyone else, its walking in and not caring whether you are, because you love who you are.

Lastly, change can be amazing, but I hope that you always change for yourself. Never let the wants and desires of someone else change who you are. Never lose your true self in changing for another, because they are always going to want more, take more, and at the end of everything you’re lost because you don’t know yourself.

I hope you make changes, I hope you experiment with who you are, I hope you try new things and never let other judge who you are or want to become. And overall, I hope you are able to live more than a static life.

The Daily Post