Mid-Month Update – January


So at the beginning of the year I said I would start meditating for at least 10 minutes a day. I can’t say that I have actually done this everyday however I have been more mindful in more moments.

When I have negative feelings, I take note of them, I breathe and then I think of something I am grateful for. Sometimes I think of the music I am listening to and how much I love to dance to music. Sometimes I think about my best friends, the people who I know I can call anytime and they will love and care for me and how much I care for them. Sometimes I think about how healthy I am, that I am happy to have two legs on my body to walk to class.

When life these last two weeks has felt a little overwhelming, I stop, I breathe, and I think of how amazing it is that I am here right in this moment. How happy I am with the person I have become and how I would never change what has happened for anything, because I would not be here, in this moment, right now.

Just the idea of mediation, of being more mindful in the moment, has changed my life and my attitude drastically. I don’t want to complain, I want to be happy, and I want to make other people feel happy and loved.

I’ve reflected a lot on what I think I want to do with my career. I don’t know what my dream job is, honestly I could probably do most things and be happy, but I’ve learned the way I want to live my life. I want to live with love and to live for love. I want to care for the people around me first, I want to help them achieve their dreams, I want them to be happy.

These last two weeks has showed me the depth of empathy. There is so much happiness to be felt when the people around you are happy and there is so much love to be given when they aren’t.

I hope you take a second now to breathe deep and think about what really matters in your life. Is what you want in life really what is important and what you need? Are your relationships deep and strong or are they shallow and fleeting? Is what you’re doing with your life your passion, or are you purely living the life you were told to live?

I hope I was able to entertain you with this story and I hope you take it to heart and look deep within.

The Daily Post


“Wow You’ve Changed”

Often I’ve heard the phrase “wow you’ve changed” and it’s always said in a negative tone of voice. Like yes, I have changed and THANK GOD that I have. It’s a beautiful thing to learn and grow from your experiences, if you’re not changing then you’re just stuck, you’re static.

When I tell old friends that I am vegan they go “wow you’ve changed” and well, I have. I used to love meat, I loved adding cheese to everything and it’s not that I just stopped liking the taste of it all, I just learned and grew. I learned the cruelty behind that industry and decided to make a change and some people think it’s crazy but how else is anything going to change unless we ourselves change.

Sometimes it might seem like you’ve changed to others but really you’re finally just embracing who you really are. Maybe we never really change who we are, it’s just the view of who we are changes. With that mindset, we are always just changing into who we are supposed to, we aren’t changing who we are going to be, we just moved on from who we were.

I love when people make changes in their lives. The only way to truly live is to boldly make decisions in what you do. Maybe they are mistakes, actually, you should hope they are mistakes. When you succeed, what do you gain other than a larger ego? You can’t even say you become more confident because it’s a fleeting confidence. True confidence comes from walking into a room and not knowing that you are smarter or prettier than everyone else, its walking in and not caring whether you are, because you love who you are.

Lastly, change can be amazing, but I hope that you always change for yourself. Never let the wants and desires of someone else change who you are. Never lose your true self in changing for another, because they are always going to want more, take more, and at the end of everything you’re lost because you don’t know yourself.

I hope you make changes, I hope you experiment with who you are, I hope you try new things and never let other judge who you are or want to become. And overall, I hope you are able to live more than a static life.

The Daily Post

The Problem with Schools

What is the most important thing kids learn in school? Is it math? Or english?

Why isn’t there a class taught for “how to interact with others” or “how to make a positive impact on society” or “how to understand and love yourself”

Some of the smartest people I know (by school standards) don’t know the first thing about understanding another person’s feelings. They don’t have any intuition for what someone might be thinking or feeling, and the worst part is they don’t care.

Why do people want to beat other people. I understand the spirit of competition but why do you want someone else to lose, to do worse than you? So you feel better? It just makes me feel worse that someone else failed.

Now by no means do I think people we should all be considered winners. Quite the contrary really, I want people to realize that it’s perfectly okay to fail, to not win, to be happy that someone else did well.

People get so caught up in winning that they will do a lot of things that ethically maybe they wouldn’t do. Where is the line of trying to win and hurting others to do it and thinking selfishly. It’s hard to fail, it’s not fun, but every time I have I remind myself that I wouldn’t have done anything differently. Sometimes your friends and family have to come first, maybe your own health comes first, or maybe its your moral integrity.

In schools, all we teach is that you must succeed, you must win, life is a competition. But, what about how to understand your friends, what about learning empathy, what about learning who you are as a person. School has become learning the facts, but facts can be google. Google can’t explain to you why your boyfriend broke your heart, why children don’t listen, or why your best friend is mad at you. It can’t tell you how to help, and be there for others when they are having a hard time. School should be focused on so much more than learning that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. It should focus more about understand yourself, your emotions and actions, and the world.

Feel Your Feelings

So this one is gonna be a bit of a rant. I’m just fed up right now with the gossip culture we have started and how everyone needs to know everyone’s business and then, of course, has an opinion on it. I feel like a lot of people would be less stressed out if they just focused on their own lives and the choices they made.

It’s time to get off Instagram and stop judging people based on what they are doing or who they are dating. No one gets the full story from hearsay or from what they see on the internet.

How, when it became easier and faster to communicate, did communication become even worse. People no longer say what they mean, everything is misinterpreted, and it just causes so many more problems than what is needed. People don’t say what they mean but yet you’re supposed to know what they actually mean and act according to that? That makes no sense.

My life changed when I started voicing exactly how I feel about things. People think it’s wrong to have strong feelings about things but it’s not at all, it just means you are living, you’re feeling everything life has to offer. It’s okay to feel sad, to feel jealous, to feel mad, that’s normal, and then when you’re happy, you truly appreciate the feeling. 

Everybody has different opinions and feelings toward different situations, and they like to judge people when they think differently. The problem is, who knows the full story? I don’t believe anyone ever knows the full story, therefore you can never judge.

Life would just be so much simpler if more people expressed how they were feeling, and then people were actually understanding of these feelings.

New Music Monday

Here’s my top 5 songs for the week! I hope you enjoy them yourselves because they have helped me through the week.

Obsessed by Maggie Lindemann

Mood: Self-empowered

Perfect song for if you’re trying to get over that douche bag boy.

Filthy by Justin Timberlake

Mood: Dance

Well, JT did it again, perfect banger.

Sober Thoughts by Goldlink, Lido

Mood: Chill

Still attempting to learn all of the words.

Generous – Martin Jensen Remix by Olivia Holt, Martin Jensen

Mood: Happy

I have been obsessed with this song all week and everyone I seem to play it for really just doesn’t like it as much as I do, but that doesn’t stop me from playing it 5 times a day in my apartment.

Beg by Jack & Jack

Mood: Mellow

I first became obsessed with Jack & Jack on Vine, RIP, but now they are famous singers, who would have thought.

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Beauty in Character

The definition of winsome it appealing in appearance and character. Winsome is one of the only words in the dictionary to describe the appealing nature of both looks and soul in one word. There’s a lot of beautiful people in the world but how many can make you feel beautiful. How many make you feel smart, funny, important? How many make you feel loved? It’s the beauty in the character that lasts and can make someone beautiful in their appearance and make everything in the world seem a little bit better. 

The Daily Prompt


Viable Options

I currently have no idea what I want to do with my life. I am 22, about to graduate with a degrees that is uninspiring to me and I have no idea what I am going to do.

I could go to law school. I could go to business school. I could become a teacher. I could live at home and annoy my parents. I could get married.

They are all viable options but what one do I want? What will make me feel fulfilled? I am capable of all of if, however what do I want?

I want someone to tell me what to do.

The Daily Prompt

How to Take Amazing Travel Photos

I love traveling, but honestly who doesn’t? There is one part of traveling that I tend to get a little annoyed with and that is the constant want and then time spent taking photos. I personally am a go, go, go kind of person and hate waiting around for people to get that perfect shot and it cuts into your travel time to see other things. However, I have found one easy way to get around this issue and still get great photos.

Sunset at Venice Beach

Here is my simple trick, get a GoPro, start recording and never stop. You can edit photos straight of the videos you take and it is quick and easy to do! That is by far the easiest way I have found to get jaw dropping amazing photos without even trying. The candid ones of the people you are traveling with are always hilarious too. Check out some of my favorites below!

Biking in Madrid, Spain
Bathing in Budapest
Jumping for joy at the Colosseum
Bubbles in Barcelona

If you are now thinking about getting a GoPro, check out this link to their latest version on Amazon!

There are also a few accessories I recommend if you’re looking at getting a GoPro. First off a handler will make is really easy to carry your GrPro around and to make sure it is always strapped to you. Check out the link below if you’ve interested in that!

The second accessory that I really enjoy using is a chest strap. It really helps get those action shots when you need your hands free. I love to where it when I go biking. Check out the link below for the chest strap!

IMG_2466 (1)
Action shot of biking in Madrid

So if you love traveling and want those draw dropping photos with ease, I definitely recommend a GoPro! It’s easy to capture and edit photos and then you could have photos that look like this!

Sunny day in Cinque Terre