Why does everyone think

that its better to be in a crowd

nobody really thinking

before they speak out loud.

People think something’s wrong 

when I want to be alone

I’ve tried so many times to be like them

but I usually like to be on my own.

I search for people who understand

because sometimes I do get lonely

It’s nice when you have that person

who will always hold you closely

But when you don’t have this person

life teaches you what’s possible

you realize how strong you are

that you are unstoppable

                                                                  – MP 


It’s hard defining who you are 

when you are a million different things

you live a life of never being the best

but being decent at everything.

You’re considered a nerd 

but often feel dumb,

then you try to be a socialite

but that just makes you feel numb

The only thing you’re sure of

is that you can’t be defined

you’re always learning, always growing

even if no one can see it inside your mind

you are not the person you were a year ago,

or a month, a week, a day

you’ve learned so much, come so far

more sure of things with each passing birthday

so after 20 years to this day

what do I have to say?

that no matter what happens

things will always turn out okay

                                                  – MP

Deep Within

When you lay there alone at night

and that feeling starts to creep in 

just know that I understand 

I feel the same way deep within.

You long for more 

life has become so meaningless

people make you sad

their actions are so reason-less.

You feel like giving up

like no one is the same

when did like get like this

when did it become a game. 

When did getting blacked become the goal

how can people do that every night

and still feel whole.

It makes me sad

as I feel it does to you,

but when you got this feeling 

remember I’m right there too.