Deplete – Daily Post

We are depleting the environment. We are using the world’s resources at a rate which is not sustainable and most people don’t care. Well people “care” but they don’t want to let it affect their everyday lives. Our society cannot keep going at the same rate of consumption that we are at today. Buying new things whenever they are needed, hell buying new things just out a pure want. We need to get back to the earth, back to understanding where things comes from and the true cost. Right now when we go to buy that new shirt we think about how much money it will cost us, but rarely does anyone think about the cost to the environment. The cost to the land for growing the materials, the water needed and electricity generated to manufacture it, and the emissions to the environment for it to be transported to the store. We take these systems for granted and someday all the resources will be depleted. We will be out of water, we will be out of coal and natural gas, and if we don’t change our everyday lives and the way we live soon, our lives will be changed for us sooner than people think.

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