Be There

Nothing is ever simple

The timing’s always off

but that’s okay with me

there is no better trade off

I’ve always been afraid to get too close

to let someone in and commit 

but being with you is different

which is very hard for me to admit

Even if we never end up together

everything happens for different reasons

maybe it would be for the better

but everything seems to change with the seasons

for now I’m happy being your friend

there’s nothing that I hold more dearly

than the people I love being happy

and I mean that most sincerely 

maybe we are meant to be, 

but there are things you don’t know

the reasons I am reserved

that I usually try not to show

What I usually try not to show 

people always say it doesn’t make a difference

but I need someone who’s more understanding than most

someone who will be there for me

when I’m haunted by my ghosts

– MP

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