Yogi Time

Its February 1st!! I honestly cannot believe it. This last month I started a year long plan to make changes every month and last month I said that I was going to start meditating everyday for 10 minutes. In the end I can say I was semi successful however the true success will come from if I can maintain it in my everyday life.

Somedays the meditation got very annoying. I felt sometimes like I was wasting my time because I had a lot to do or I was really tired so I did not want to try and meditate, I just wanted to go to bed. One thing I noticed though, was in those days I needed the meditation the most. I needed to be recentered and clear my head that way I could be the most productive that I could be.

Part of my feels that I did not do enough with this meditation, that it is still not a habit. Because of this, I am planning on continuing it a little into February. This month I am planning on doing yoga every, and with that often comes meditation. I try to do yoga often however sometimes I get lazy and just go to class instead of getting up and doing a quick yoga flow. I find though that my best days are the days where I start with yoga and a long mediation. I am in a better mood, I remember things better, and all around am just a more full person.

One of the main reasons I am adding yoga to the mix this month is because I am very busy right now, however I need to make sure I am taking time for myself. Often when I get busy with work I stop working out, and doing the things that make me happy and make me a person. This month I want to time manage my life and make sure I am able to do things for myself and for the people I love.

January was a great start to the year but I hope to continue the growth and really push myself to live my best life.

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