The Problem with Schools

What is the most important thing kids learn in school? Is it math? Or english?

Why isn’t there a class taught for “how to interact with others” or “how to make a positive impact on society” or “how to understand and love yourself”

Some of the smartest people I know (by school standards) don’t know the first thing about understanding another person’s feelings. They don’t have any intuition for what someone might be thinking or feeling, and the worst part is they don’t care.

Why do people want to beat other people. I understand the spirit of competition but why do you want someone else to lose, to do worse than you? So you feel better? It just makes me feel worse that someone else failed.

Now by no means do I think people we should all be considered winners. Quite the contrary really, I want people to realize that it’s perfectly okay to fail, to not win, to be happy that someone else did well.

People get so caught up in winning that they will do a lot of things that ethically maybe they wouldn’t do. Where is the line of trying to win and hurting others to do it and thinking selfishly. It’s hard to fail, it’s not fun, but every time I have I remind myself that I wouldn’t have done anything differently. Sometimes your friends and family have to come first, maybe your own health comes first, or maybe its your moral integrity.

In schools, all we teach is that you must succeed, you must win, life is a competition. But, what about how to understand your friends, what about learning empathy, what about learning who you are as a person. School has become learning the facts, but facts can be google. Google can’t explain to you why your boyfriend broke your heart, why children don’t listen, or why your best friend is mad at you. It can’t tell you how to help, and be there for others when they are having a hard time. School should be focused on so much more than learning that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. It should focus more about understand yourself, your emotions and actions, and the world.

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