Feel Your Feelings

So this one is gonna be a bit of a rant. I’m just fed up right now with the gossip culture we have started and how everyone needs to know everyone’s business and then, of course, has an opinion on it. I feel like a lot of people would be less stressed out if they just focused on their own lives and the choices they made.

It’s time to get off Instagram and stop judging people based on what they are doing or who they are dating. No one gets the full story from hearsay or from what they see on the internet.

How, when it became easier and faster to communicate, did communication become even worse. People no longer say what they mean, everything is misinterpreted, and it just causes so many more problems than what is needed. People don’t say what they mean but yet you’re supposed to know what they actually mean and act according to that? That makes no sense.

My life changed when I started voicing exactly how I feel about things. People think it’s wrong to have strong feelings about things but it’s not at all, it just means you are living, you’re feeling everything life has to offer. It’s okay to feel sad, to feel jealous, to feel mad, that’s normal, and then when you’re happy, you truly appreciate the feeling. 

Everybody has different opinions and feelings toward different situations, and they like to judge people when they think differently. The problem is, who knows the full story? I don’t believe anyone ever knows the full story, therefore you can never judge.

Life would just be so much simpler if more people expressed how they were feeling, and then people were actually understanding of these feelings.

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