Treat Yo Self

Hearing the wold treat, all my millennial mind can think of is “treat yo self”. From there the mind goes to eating pizza, or ice cream or buying that new handbag, but those things are not positively treating yourself. Sure, you get the instant gratification from that sweet taste on your taste buds but what happens when you feel sluggish an hour later, or when you gain that extra weight back. When did we confuse treating yourself with hurting yourself.

Now I’m not saying that sometimes in the day I don’t just crave some chocolate, but I don’t think of that as treating myself, because in the long run it will just make my life more stressful. I think of treating myself as taking that extra 30 minutes to take a long bath and give myself a facial, or spend an hour watching my favorite TV show while I drink tea.

When you treat yourself, you should come out feeling better. You should feel more calm, relaxed, or energized to get back to work. When you treat yourself in a negative way you just feel worse and then you want to treat yourself again which just spirals into a negative endless cycle.

So next time you go to treat yourself, think about how the treat might positively or negatively impact your life. Maybe make plans with friends, watch a funny YouTube video, or just listen to your favorite music. Treating yourself in this world doesn’t have to be a fleeting experience, it can have a long lasting positive impact on your life.

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