How to Take Amazing Travel Photos

I love traveling, but honestly who doesn’t? There is one part of traveling that I tend to get a little annoyed with and that is the constant want and then time spent taking photos. I personally am a go, go, go kind of person and hate waiting around for people to get that perfect shot and it cuts into your travel time to see other things. However, I have found one easy way to get around this issue and still get great photos.

Sunset at Venice Beach

Here is my simple trick, get a GoPro, start recording and never stop. You can edit photos straight of the videos you take and it is quick and easy to do! That is by far the easiest way I have found to get jaw dropping amazing photos without even trying. The candid ones of the people you are traveling with are always hilarious too. Check out some of my favorites below!

Biking in Madrid, Spain
Bathing in Budapest
Jumping for joy at the Colosseum
Bubbles in Barcelona

If you are now thinking about getting a GoPro, check out this link to their latest version on Amazon!
There are also a few accessories I recommend if you’re looking at getting a GoPro. First off a handler will make is really easy to carry your GrPro around and to make sure it is always strapped to you. Check out the link below if you’ve interested in that!


The second accessory that I really enjoy using is a chest strap. It really helps get those action shots when you need your hands free. I love to where it when I go biking. Check out the link below for the chest strap!

IMG_2466 (1)
Action shot of biking in Madrid


So if you love traveling and want those draw dropping photos with ease, I definitely recommend a GoPro! It’s easy to capture and edit photos and then you could have photos that look like this!

Sunny day in Cinque Terre



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