Best Apps for Meditation

This month, I am really focusing on trying to meditate at least once a day and hopefully twice a day. Normally I do just meditate in silence however there are sometimes that I am just a little more wound up and need a guide to help me and keep me on track.

Below is a list of the best meditation apps that I have found and some of their pros and cons. Unfortunately not a whole lot in this world is free therefore all of these apps do have a subscription cost but they do also have some free content!

Simple Habit: First this app is free in the app store! This app is very simple if you are just looking for 5-10 minute guided meditations that are easy to find. There is a premium plan which unlocks even more guided meditations however I’ve just been using free ones and have really enjoyed it! Very simple and efficient way to meditate.  

10% Happier: Free, however does have a premium plan that you have to pay for. They start off with 8 free sessions so if you’re looking for simple meditation where you just do the same thing over and over then this might be the app for you! The premium plan provides a coach and various other training sessions and videos that help you really dive into how you meditate and help you stick with it.

Headspace: This app is free in the app store however has very little free content to use without a subscription. At first it give you three free meditations and then after that you only get one free one a day. If you’re open to paying for it maybe look into it more, however it doesn’t seem to contain that much content in general.

I hope one of these apps can give you the inspiration to start meditating more often. Personally for me meditation has been a great way to help ease my anxiety and has greatly improved my sleep. Also if you are looking for free guided meditations check out YouTube! I’ve sound some great content on there that is always “free” after ads. I hope this helped and good luck with your meditation journey!



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