Year of Minimalism

New year, new me right????

Well change can be for the good, and let’s not make fun of people that are trying to make a change for the better! There is one BIG change that I am going to try to make this year and it might be a bit of a challenge but if it’s not hard then I’ll never change.

I am going to have one rule. I am not going to buy anything new unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary. By new I mean nothing from a first hand store therefore, goodwill is fair game. Only second hand things can be bought (obviously other than food and hygiene products). In my mind this doesn’t seem that difficult however, I haven’t even started yet.

One of the main reasons I am doing this is because I used to be a very materialistic person. I just wanted new things all the time. New clothes, new books, new everything and I thought it would make me happy. PLOT TWIST: it didn’t. I already don’t buy that much however I really want to ingrain this concept of need over want. We all want things, but is it really needed?

I hope you all can join in as long as you can! Let’s stop consumerism! Lets change our culture! Let’s be the next generation that has meaning behind their belongings, that changes the way they view products and how they impact our lives.

Stay tuned to see the challenges I face and how I overcame them!


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