New Year, New Me?

Welp tomorrow is the day! It will officially be the day to start the one year journey. The year of 2018. The year to fall back in love with living.

Let’s be honest, last year was a fucking scooter to the ankle. There were a lot of lows, a lot of losses were taken, and of course, we all have problems. We all have bad years, but I lost myself this year. In reality, maybe I never really knew who I was and that I finally just stopped pretending to be someone I’m not.

Because of this, I need to make a change and you’ve never going to make a change if you keep doing the same old things. So, I’ve decided this year, the year of 2018 will be the year of change. Each month I’ll focus on something different, either to add or change something in my life. I kind of got the idea from a book called The Happiness Project which if you haven’t read, I very much recommend. But I am hoping to document my journey on this blog! Part of me hopes no one will ever read this cause frankly I don’t want to be judged and when you post on the internet you’ve just asking for it, although I hope some people might find this blog and try to change their lives with me!

The first month, being January, I am going to start with a ten minute meditation everyday. I’ve always tried to get into the habit of meditating everyday however never really created the habit. Tomorrow I will start the morning with a 10 minute meditation and hopefully before I go to sleep do another 10 minute meditation.

Every week I’ll post a weekly update to let you know my progress! I hope that my journey can inspire others to cut the crap and start living their best lives.

Photo Featured: The Grand Canyon because what says new beginnings more than the endless vastness of The Grand Canyon

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