My Failures


We think we are made of numbers, percentages on tests, pounds on a scale, likes on a photo, price tags on clothes, but we’re not. We are made of love and happiness and the way we laugh. We’re made of our thoughts and the way we view the world. We should never be defined by our situation but rather by how we respond to the situation we’re in. Thanks Purdue for bringing such a cool opportunity to campus and that you to the Dear Wold organizaiton for teaching an enlightening everyone around them.


Deplete – Daily Post

We are depleting the environment. We are using the world’s resources at a rate which is not sustainable and most people don’t care. Well people “care” but they don’t want to let it affect their everyday lives. Our society cannot keep going at the same rate of consumption that we are at today. Buying new things whenever they are needed, hell buying new things just out a pure want. We need to get back to the earth, back to understanding where things comes from and the true cost. Right now when we go to buy that new shirt we think about how much money it will cost us, but rarely does anyone think about the cost to the environment. The cost to the land for growing the materials, the water needed and electricity generated to manufacture it, and the emissions to the environment for it to be transported to the store. We take these systems for granted and someday all the resources will be depleted. We will be out of water, we will be out of coal and natural gas, and if we don’t change our everyday lives and the way we live soon, our lives will be changed for us sooner than people think.

Be There

Nothing is ever simple

The timing’s always off

but that’s okay with me

there is no better trade off

I’ve always been afraid to get too close

to let someone in and commit 

but being with you is different

which is very hard for me to admit

Even if we never end up together

everything happens for different reasons

maybe it would be for the better

but everything seems to change with the seasons

for now I’m happy being your friend

there’s nothing that I hold more dearly

than the people I love being happy

and I mean that most sincerely 

maybe we are meant to be, 

but there are things you don’t know

the reasons I am reserved

that I usually try not to show

What I usually try not to show 

people always say it doesn’t make a difference

but I need someone who’s more understanding than most

someone who will be there for me

when I’m haunted by my ghosts

– MP

Yogi Time

Its February 1st!! I honestly cannot believe it. This last month I started a year long plan to make changes every month and last month I said that I was going to start meditating everyday for 10 minutes. In the end I can say I was semi successful however the true success will come from if I can maintain it in my everyday life.

Somedays the meditation got very annoying. I felt sometimes like I was wasting my time because I had a lot to do or I was really tired so I did not want to try and meditate, I just wanted to go to bed. One thing I noticed though, was in those days I needed the meditation the most. I needed to be recentered and clear my head that way I could be the most productive that I could be.

Part of my feels that I did not do enough with this meditation, that it is still not a habit. Because of this, I am planning on continuing it a little into February. This month I am planning on doing yoga every, and with that often comes meditation. I try to do yoga often however sometimes I get lazy and just go to class instead of getting up and doing a quick yoga flow. I find though that my best days are the days where I start with yoga and a long mediation. I am in a better mood, I remember things better, and all around am just a more full person.

One of the main reasons I am adding yoga to the mix this month is because I am very busy right now, however I need to make sure I am taking time for myself. Often when I get busy with work I stop working out, and doing the things that make me happy and make me a person. This month I want to time manage my life and make sure I am able to do things for myself and for the people I love.

January was a great start to the year but I hope to continue the growth and really push myself to live my best life.


Why does everyone think

that its better to be in a crowd

nobody really thinking

before they speak out loud.

People think something’s wrong 

when I want to be alone

I’ve tried so many times to be like them

but I usually like to be on my own.

I search for people who understand

because sometimes I do get lonely

It’s nice when you have that person

who will always hold you closely

But when you don’t have this person

life teaches you what’s possible

you realize how strong you are

that you are unstoppable

                                                                  – MP 

Beginner’s Guide to Vegan Smoothies

Making smoothies is so easy and once you know the three steps to always follow you will be able to make any kind of smoothie!

  1. Two Cups Fresh Fruit

You can do a variety of different things for this but the best thing to remember is to always have about 2 cups fresh fruit. I tend to put 1 banana and then a cup of strawberries into mine but this can easily be changed to fresh mango, blueberries, or raspberries.

  1. Two Cups Frozen Fruit

Now to make the smoothie nice and chilled and thick it is best to add about 2 cups of frozen fruit. These can vary from any fruit you can find in the freezer section of the store, just really whatever you think will go best with the fresh fruit you have. You can always use ice for this part however I believe that waters down the smoothie.

  1. ½ Cups Liquid

The liquid is important to add if you aren’t planning on making a smoothie bowl for you to eat. I normally add ½ soy milk however you can add any kind of plant based milk or water you desire.


I also tend to add chia seeds or ground flaxseed into the smoothie just to get some extra vitamins. You can also add some spinach or kale to add some vegetables to it or acai or matcha powder always mixes in well.

Once you get used to making these smoothies over and over, you’ll no longer need to measure anything out! Make sure to experiment and try knew recipes and ideas.

Other add ins:

  • Peanut butter
  • Almond butter
  • Vanilla
  • Coconut
  • Oats
  • Matcha
  • Acai
  • Chia Seeds
  • Ground Flaxseed
  • Spinach
  • Kale